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Our mission

We believe that reaching young generations is key in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.
The purpose of Let's Act is to educate the students on the SDGs to secure a better future for all.

What we do

Young generations play a crucial role in reaching the goals. The future belongs to them, and their spirit and creative innovations are vital in the change needed for sustainable development.
Let's Act aims to support and educate to realise the change needed.
The project creates an online learning platform for students.
The platform educates students on climate change to inform, motivate and enable students in taking action on climate change.
Meanwhile, teachers need proper tools and capacities to take upon this task.
The project mainly focuses on developing teachers and students, as we cannot teach students without teaching their educators.
Teachers need to be well dressed for the task to be able to pass on knowledge about the SDGs.

quote - Ban ki-moon - Young people will be the torch bearers of the next sustainable development agenda throug 2030