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Agenda 2030

The Sustainable Development Goals, or the SDGs, were set up by the UN in 2015. They consist of 17 ambitious goals and 169 targets to be reached by the year 2030.
The SDGs are inseparable, and one goal cannot be achieved without the other. The goals seek to eradicate poverty, hunger and disease and they promote equality and freedom.
All while the overarching threat of climate change needs to be tackled. As opposed to the successful 2015 goals (MDGs), which were focused on change in developing countries,
the SDGS are universal and they need to be worked with at all levels. Not just nationally, but also regionally and locally.

And each individual person has to be aware of the goals, and take action.

The UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals

P for Planet

Let's Act primarily focuses on the topic of Preserving the Planet.
The themes of the goals can be summed up into five P’s, which represent the themes of the goals: Planet, People, Peace, Prosperity and Partnerships.
This includes sustainable production and consumption and urgent action on climate change. While young generations are active in climate strikes around the world, they often lead highly unsustainable lifestyles themselves, which is why they need support and proper education on climate change and the planet.
As many countries in Europe have started to implement education about the SDGs in schools, Let's Act caters to a need for pedagogical and easily accessible education on the topic.
Let's Act is therefore committed to teaching young people about Agenda 2030 and motivate them to do their part in reaching the goals. It is our aim to give teachers the right tools and competencies to be able to pass on knowledge about the SDGs and the planet.
We believe that educating young people is essential in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and in securing our future and our planet.